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Cane, a gift from nature's countless bounties, is inconceivably metamorphosed from a non-descript climbing palm stem to a tool to embellish your dream about an aesthetic expression of your lifestyle.

Extracted from the dense forests of Andaman & Nicobar Islands & Assam,each stem is converted into a high quality cane through stringent scientific processes,only to get molded into the finest of furnitures by our skilled craftsmen. Chris Cane Emporium is a whole world of exclusively designed and finely crafted cane furniture made with the finest quality Andaman & Assam cane.

Great care is taken over every item produced by Chris Cane Emporium,after careful assembly each piece is followed by a rigid process: sanding,staining,sealing,further sanding,lacquering.

This ensure a tough and durable finish to a well made piece of furniture that will last for many years.Our exclusive showroom at Elampally Street provides you with a delectable glimpse at the majestic world of cane furnitures.Just visit it to glance at the splendor of this world and believe it for your self.

Ensure a tough and durable finish.
Great care is taken over every item.
Items made with the finest quality.